The #1 Tip for seeking business advice: Be Specific

Sep 8, 2021 | Ideation

It is very easy to look up to a successful entrepreneur and say “he is the best to ever do it!” and be driven to seek mentorship from that person.

But we only see the figures, the money that has amassed through their business, we only see the stellar company profile, and the magazine-worthy photographs that colour a world of success. All but just a tip of an entrepreneurial iceberg.

As business owners, seeking mentorship and guidance specificity is crucial. What you may need advice on, could be something that a “successful entrepreneur” is not necessarily strong about.

Some entrepreneurs are really fantastic at envisioning products and services. Some entrepreneurs have mastered how to market extensively and effectively. Some entrepreneurs are excellent at HR management and client engagement. And some entrepreneurs are great at crunching and predicting numbers.

Being cautious, watchful, and meticulous in your self-assessment whilst noting which aspects need guidance is a huge step towards an efficient way of seeking a business advisor who can roll up his or her sleeves, and get right to the point of the matter to help your business thrive and grow.

Specificity also narrows down the avenues through which your business advisor will get resources from where you can learn more about areas of concern in your business.

Are you having problems with marketing? Or assimilating your company in the digital world? How about recruiting the right people for your business? Are you struggling with product development? Or financial management and accounting? 

There should be no shame in identifying and pointing out the “weak” points in your business and entrepreneurship. No entrepreneur and business is born perfect and it takes constant learning, adapting, and evolving to grow a business into a successful company.

Being specific is like assessing a child’s learning progress and finding the right tutors to help him through the subjects which he is struggling with.

You and your business are that child. And business advisors with their own expertise can be immensely helpful tutors for you to overcome your business struggles and prevent hard-blowing waterloo.

Business Advice aims to address this issue by providing Australian entrepreneurs with business advisors who are successful entrepreneurs and industry experts from across the country, from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth, to Brisbane, to Adelaide and to the Gold Coast.

We have gathered a panel of business advisors, any of whom will be matched perfectly by our intelligent system, with the business owner seeking advice for their specific problem. And more than that, a business owner can have multiple mentors depending on how many concerns he or she wants addressed.

Whether you are a business owner seeking advice on a specific entrepreneurial problem or a successful entrepreneur or industry leader who has specific skill sets, we invite you to take an assessment with us at and join our ecology of specialised business mentoring and learning community. 
Send any of your enquiries to [email protected] or give us a call at 1300 766 665. You can also find us at 808/1 Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia.


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