Recognising Vulnerability: the Impact of Self-awareness on Business Growth

Mar 18, 2021 | People Management

As many thought leaders have expressed, the path to success is not straight. It’s not constantly ascending, it’s not predictable. And one of the amazing reasons that it ISN’T is because of human complexities. Mostly seen as weaknesses, and sometimes perceived as blind spots.

Business success is the result of countless and sound plan implementations, careful research, and excellent service and product manufacturing. Not at the very least, you also have to factor in customer satisfaction, effective marketing, an ability to constantly adapt,  and upholding authentic company values.

And as ideal as all that sounds, the high number of ingredients to growth and success plus the impatient pedal of ambition can give way to lack of awareness, premature implementations, reckless decisions, and eventual confusion over “what went wrong”.

This is when confusion, even disappointment can be turned into something more productive and positive: allowing yourself for a good moment, as a business owner, to feel vulnerable.

Prevent yourself from feeling defensive over the stagnation or decline of your business. Instead, allow yourself and your team to have an honest assessment of what could have been done better, what were the results that fell short, which aspects of the whole business process stalled the growth of the business without blaming each other or throwing negative energy at those who may have had shortcomings because this, definitely, won’t help.

Remember, a business team is composed of machines AND humans. Both of which can always have some weaknesses, strengths, and room for improvement.

Practicing self-awareness individually and as a team is instrumental in helping you, the business owner, not only get to know your business as a living organism but also the fluidity by which your business moves when it comes to weak spots, outdated practices, and strengths.

Being able to identify these various honest elements of your business without the hindrance of ego will also encourage you to seek help from those who have succeeded through the hurdles that you are currently facing.

Identifying and narrowing down pain points in your business will help you find the RIGHT business advisor who can help eliminate blind spots for you and guide you with the right questions and conversation to empower you to make better decisions and implement necessary changes or additional learning for your team.

This is what Business Advice aims to do. We help match up business owners across Australia, based on their specific problems and business concerns which they can consult on and seek expert advice, with successful and experienced entrepreneurs or industry experts. These experts are more than credible and capable of helping them break down their business struggles and break through with informed choices and strategies that will help them overcome these challenges and even take their businesses to the next level.

Business owners are also encouraged to consult with different business advisors who have different expertise to be able to address a diversity of concerns and issues within their business. Business Advice provides a platform for multi-connecting mentorships at the business owner’s necessity and budget.

Reach out to us to start on your journey of self-awareness and business improvement. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 766 665.


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