How to lead by example and inspire your team

Oct 23, 2021 | People Management

The phrase “practise what you preach” is not just a fun saying – it should be words to live by! That’s why the team at Business Advice is giving you some tips for leading by example and inspiring your team.

Taking adequate measures to inspire your team will not only empower your employees to be their best – it will make you a better and more likeable boss. It will also show employees that you are dedicated to putting your thoughts and words into action, which will reflect well on your character as a business owner.

 Here are some tips we’ve put together so that you can lead with example in the right way:

Tip #1 Get involved in processes

It’s no longer enough to simply delegate numerous tasks to employees and sit back and watch them do the work. Every now and again, you should get your hands dirty and show that you are just as committed as your team in your business activities. By getting involved in the processes it makes you more relatable to your employees and can enlighten you on any issues they might come across, as you are getting first-hand experience on the tasks you give them.

Tip #2 Embrace diversity

Diversity shouldn’t be about ticking a box or meeting a quota. No matter what background your employees come from, everyone has something to bring to the table. You should make active efforts to embrace and celebrate diversity of backgrounds and ideas in the running of your business. Get to know your employees and listen to their unique perspectives and foster an open-minded space where everyone feels welcome.

Tip #3 Be an ethical leader

Although it may be tempting at times, you should avoid straying from ethical practices just to increase revenue. If you witness wrongdoing, you should hold people accountable and respond through implementing fair and effective measures. This also includes owning up to your own errors and not letting others take the fall for you. Everyone makes mistakes and being able to own up to them will show that you base your actions on accountability and fairness, which will encourage your team to follow suit. Make your business something you are proud of by doing the right thing.Get in touch with Business Advice AU and start inspiring your team today!


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