Exiting a business.

Are you preparing to go through an acquisition or list your business on the stock exchange?

Once you have started experiencing extraordinary growth and your team and systems are working well together, it is time to think about an exit. Many of our advisors have worked with ventures that achieved exits to well-known conglomerates like Fairfax or Newscorp or achieved vertical integration from large global players. Some of our clients have also successfully listed their ventures in the NASDAQ and ASX. Whatever your goal, it is a good idea to start thinking about anexit strategy well before it takes place.

Which stage are you at?

Here are the best business advisors for Finding the right acquirer

Jasmine Batra

14 years

Go To Market Strategy, Growth Marketing, Entering ...New Global Markets, Strategic Alliances, Small Business Scale-Ups.+

Ernest McLeod

5 years

Business Growth

David Keir

15 years

Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Development, ...Business Growth, Business Scaling, Fundraising, Franchising, China Market+

Anup Batra

14 years

Business Growth and Scaling

Richard Taylor

20 years

Start-Up Business Coaching, Recruiting strategies, ...Marketing your business for success, Transitioning to business ownership from employment, Establishing and facilitating support networks+


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