Do you need a business coach?

Nov 20, 2021 | Go-to Market

Use this checklist to find out!

Business coaching can do wonders for your business in more ways than one. If you are still
unsure about whether you need a business coach, use this checklist below!

  1. How long have you been running your business?
    No matter how long or how short you have been running your business for, business
    coaches can help. The expert coaches at Business Advice AU are available no matter what
    stage your business is at. Whether you are starting a business, growing a business,
    managing growth or exiting a business, they are here for you.
  2. How many people have you got as employees?
    Before we get into it, here is a refresher of the different sizes of a business.
    Micro business: 1-4 employees
    Small business: 5-19 employees
    Medium business: 20-199 employees
    Large business: 200 or more employees
    Source: Parliament of Australia
    If your business is at the ideation stage, it is most likely going to start out as a micro
    business. A natural progression would be to grow into a small, then medium and finally
    large business before exiting and moving on to something new. As your business gets
    bigger, it will get harder to manage growth on your own. Business Advice AU can help you
    manage growth through people management, finance management and systems
    It is important to note that your business does not have to follow this sequence in full. You
    might choose to remain as a small business, for example. What we do know is that the
    coaches at Business Advice are experienced in dealing with companies of all sizes, so you
    can be sure that they will have your back.
  3. Do you have strategic marketing and sales plan?
    Do you have goals in mind for your business but are not sure how to achieve them? Without
    a well thought out plan, you risk wasting valuable time and resources without getting the
    results you want. Business coaches can help you formulate a strategic marketing and sales
    plan with tried and tested methods, so that you feel prepared and ready to take on the
    business world!
  4. How often do you review your finances?
    Reviewing finances might not be the most thrilling part of running a business, but it is an
    integral aspect of it. It is important that you review your finances frequently so that you are
    adequately tracking your progress and can rectify any issues if they arise. If you are
    struggling to review your finances frequently, there is nothing wrong with asking for help
    from a trained specialist!
  5. What worked before is no longer working now
    As a business owner, you should never get too comfortable with your methods – you need
    to be flexible and willing to adapt. If your previous methods are losing their effectiveness, it
    is worth seeking a business coach who will objectively evaluate your business and offer a
    new perspective.
    Receiving a second opinion on your ideas from a trusted source like a business coach can
    also enlighten you on some things you may have missed.
  6. Are you looking to save time and money?
    The advisors at Business Advice AU are experts in their field and with 50 cumulative years of
    experience, they have come to learn the best ways to save time and money and increase
    returns for business owners. Have more time to do the things you love by letting the experts
    do some of the work for you!

If you related to any of these checklist items, we highly recommend getting a business
coach. Get in touch with Business Advice AU today and we will set you up with the perfect
advisor for your needs.


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Do you need a business coach?

Do you need a business coach?

Use this checklist to find out! Business coaching can do wonders for your business in more ways than one. If you are stillunsure about whether you need a business coach or not, use this checklist below – anddon’t forget to add up your score to get your answer! In the...

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