Simon Millns
Bachelors Degree in Product Design and Engineering
Simon’s purpose & passion is to empower leaders and teams to achieve better outcomes, deliver products and services sooner through scalable, sustainable working practices; dramatically improving organisational culture to help people reach their goals and true potential. Reducing costs in delay and maximising profits.

Years of Experience

Over 20 years

Educational Background

I have a bachelors degree in product design and engineering from De Montford University, UK & a post graduate diploma in coaching from Erickson International, am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and hold many certifications for Agile Coaching, Agile and Lean Development Frameworks & Agile Team Facilitation from the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile)


Bath, United Kingdom


Leadership, Technology, Coaching, Mentoring, Digital Strategy, Agile working & Agile Business Transformation
Simon has spent over 10 years coaching teams to self-organise around and solve complex adaptive problems for both technical and non-technical initiatives; the last 6 years of which has been spent working in the financial services industry for some of the world’s leading banks.
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