Ernest McLeod
The Hypno Coach, Experienced Adelaide Hypnotherapist
I am an experienced business coach, successful entrepreneur, and business owner with extensive experience in IT, social media and therapy.

My specialties include analysis & problem solving; coaching, training and mentoring individuals to perform at their highest capacity; presentations & facilitation to business or special interest groups.

Years of Experience

5 years

Educational Background

Diploma in Business and Computing


Adelaide, Australia


Business Growth
About Ernest, The Hypno Coach, Experienced Adelaide Hypnotherapist
A creative and lateral thinker with a strong track record for crafting successful projects across multiple industries.

I enjoy helping smart, motivated people develop their businesses to achieve success in their personal and business goals.

You will find me focused, approachable and positive.

It's not about the time you spend with me, but what you make out of what you got during that time.

Having been involved in a Hit and Run, which left me having to go through the horror of my life falling apart; divorce, addiction, loosing my job, I completely understand the emotional and financial difficulties that Trauma and PTSD brings with it.

After the external injuries had healed over, I was left with severe Anxiety from the Trauma. I ended up loosing my job since I needed so much time of work, not because of the physical injuries, but because of the anxiety the trauma had caused. The lack of help from the insurance, they might as well have run away as well. The pain was the least of my problems. It was the nightmares, the freezing up when a car came to close to me, the addiction to sleeping tablets, that were causing me the real difficulty with living.

The medical system and insurance not providing any meaningful support in dealing with this. I had started to do physiotherapy but that ended up just causing me a whole lot more pain and I just couldn’t take it any more. I was left to fend for myself. With PTSD, these terrifying horrors and anxiety, fending for yourself is like climbing Everest without any training or supplies. Near impossible to survive.

I had a bunch of hypnotherapy sessions with a wonderful lady in Perth using this simple and painless mind mending approach. It did wonders for me. No more sleeping tablets. It feel like a new person not needing to take a tablet every night.

I promise you I will be doing my best to help you.
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